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In addition to painting these, I enjoy restoring classic automobiles. You can see some of my work on my auto restoration page.

Jaguar Painting
Jaguar - 10” x 19” Prints

Ryman's Packett Painting
Ryman’s Packett

Roush Mustang Painting
Roush Mustang - 24” x 36” Oil - commissioned by owner

Marmon Painting
Marmon - winner of first Indy Race in 1911

Alfa Romeo Painting
Alfa Romeo

Coffee Break Painting
Coffee Break - 1939 Christ Craft

Market and Broad Painting
Market and Broad 1909, Nashville

Indian Painting
Indian - commissioned by owner

Memphis Belle Painting
Memphis Belle - donated for an auction to raise money for the restoration of the famous WWII B-17 in Memphis.

San Francisco to New York Painting
San Francisco to New York - 1903 Packard

Barney Oldfield Painting
Barney Oldfield 1903 - One of the most famous car drivers driving Henry Ford’s 999.

New York to Paris Painting
New York to Paris Race 1908 -
Thomas Flyer winner.

1897 Tennessee Centennial Train Car
1897 Tennessee Centennial Train Car

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